Top 5 Halloween Candy

Blair Cornelius, staff writer

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As a kid, I can remember the long wait through the month of October for one of my favorite holidays. All around America, on Halloween night, kids roam the local neighborhoods dressed up in their costumes hoping to collect as much candy as possible. After the trick-or-treating ends, it’s time to see if your favorite candy ended up in your basket. This is a list of some of Halloween candy I can’t live without.


Peanut M&Ms- Who would even think of trying the boring, chocolate-only M&Ms when there’s a much better option? These pieces of Heaven are what you should be hoping for in your candy basket this year.


Sour Patch Kids- If your a fan of sour then sweet, then look no further–a great combination that will not disappoint.


Twizzlers- You can’t have just one of these cherry-flavored licorice twists. This candy is simple but so good.


Skittles- Okay, real talk, how can you not like Skittles? This popular candy has always been on my list of favorites.

Snickers- You’re in for a surprise when you take a bite of this delicious candy. Caramel and peanuts wrapped in chocolate, need I say more?