Fall Fest Comes to Town

Harleton community members flood the football field for annual event


Madison David

Harleton High School student council members working the Pumpkin Golf booth

Madison David, Editor

It’s that ghoulish, creepy time of year, and Harleton schools got in the spirit by throwing the annual Fall Fest. This year’s Fall Fest was held on October 26 at the high school football field.

Instead of green and gold, the field was decorated with Halloween-themed booths and costume-clad students and community members. While freshman Preston Dorbritz dressed as the famous Bob Ross, there was also a prehistoric flash of dinosaurs strolling around. Also present, was the red and white striped Waldo, who was easier to spot than ever!

There was a total of 27 booths, including the “The Flame Thrower” run by the Harleton Softball team and “Pumpkin Golf”. People had the choice of showing off their batting or their pitching skills in an attempt of collecting candy. Student council’s booth was a game of Pumpkin Golf. There were three places to putt the ball with candy amounts going up each hole you made it in. A Halloween Hayride was a new addition to the annual Fall Fest and a big hit. The third grade hosted the Cake Walk this year. Fourth grader Trystan Laughlin and her family brought home some banana nut bread and a candy corn chocolate cake. 

Compared to previous years, the event had a huge turnout this year. People couldn’t wait to get in and slowly crept out as the night came to an end. Every year, the Harleton community can’t wait for Fall Fest to appear.

Traci Jones, Harleton Elementary Principal, explained why she thought that was. She replied, “I believe it’s just because it’s a time for the community to get together. And every year you see people just walking around saying ‘I love my little small town’ because it’s just the way there’s interactions between people. The school is in a positive light. And you know, it’s something positive for the community, and it gives them the time to get together and have fun.”