Why the Youth Vote Matters

Turning 18 is not just a time to leave your house.

Claire Underwood, Editor

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As teenagers mature into adults, a sudden load of responsibilities are placed upon them. Whereas once they depended on their parents for support and guidance, teens are now held responsible for their own life. They begin developing independence, preparing for life after high school, and experiencing the joys and burdens of adulthood.

When teens finally turn 18, their existence seems to be put on fast-forward as they begin the tumultuous times of the real world. At this age, children are pressured to make decisions about their own futures, but they still need to be aware of their civic duty. Being an American citizen, it is the duty of all eligible voters to exercise their right to participate in our government.

Unfortunately, as upcoming adults, we are not independently encouraged to vote. Many people think the youth are incapable of making sound decisions about the government, and therefore do not express the importance of a single vote.

Despite this, young voters have turned out in record numbers. In Texas alone, the number of voters aged 18-29 increased around 500% in the 2018 midterm election.

What teenagers across the nation need to realize, however, is that upcoming generations are the future. This era will contain the next entrepreneurs, engineers, and politicians of the United States of America. The world will be under our control, and the adults now will just be residents in a New World. So, if no one encourages you, I will: your vote matters.

My advice to you: do not be silent.

Explore different ideas and political beliefs other than your own. Strengthen your mind and expand your opinions, and let your voices be heard. This Earth is yours to inherit, so recreate it in your own vision.”

Be proud that you are young and have ideas because you
are the future.