Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Blair Cornelius, Staff Writer

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Landry Sloan, Junior

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for Thanksgiving. This holiday is a time to give thanks and eat until you can’t take another bite. Everyone has their own way of celebrating and traditions that are special to their family. Some families stay at home and others go out of town for the big day.juni

Junior Brinley Gott said, “We usually don’t go out of town; sometimes we do. Mostly we like to stay home and have family come to our house.”

When families come together for the holidays, new memories are made every year. Some years stand out more than others and are reminisced about as the holiday season comes around. Gott spoke of traveling to Michigan to spend time with distant relatives as one of her favorite Thanksgivings.

When most people think of Thanksgiving, their first thought is food. All of the food is awesome, but we all have that favorite dish that we look forward to.

“Definitely the turkey; it’s always really good,” stated junior Ethan Cooner.

This time of year it’s one holiday after the other. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, many begin decorating for Christmas. Gott said this was one of her family’s traditions. No time is wasted between holidays during this season for her family.

Lots of gifts are bought during the holiday season and looking for good deals are helpful. The day after Thanksgiving, crowds of bargain shoppers raid the local stores in search of discounted prices.  

Junior Landry Sloan said, “My mom, my aunt and I get up super early on Friday and go shopping all day in Longview or Tyler.”

Every Thanksgiving, Macy’s Department Store has an enormous parade in the streets of New York City. Sloan stated she and her mom watch the parade every year on T.V. while they make breakfast.

Some of these traditions might sound familiar to your families and some might be new. Try to make this Thanksgiving one to remember and bring some of theirs into your home. New traditions make new memories.