Billie Eilish’s New Track is just…”lovely”

Meredith Sellers, Guest Writer

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Meredith Sellers is an Honors English I student and a guest writer for this month’s edition of The Green and Gold

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell (a.k.a. Billie Eilish) is a self-sufficient star in the music industry for only being 16 years old. Even at the age of 8, Billie was perfecting her singing by performing in the Los Angeles Children’s Choir. She wrote her breakthrough song, “Ocean Eyes,” when she was only 14. Since then, she has risen to the top and some of her songs have even been in the very popular show among teens – ‘13 Reasons Why.’ She has more than 2,000,000 total streams on Spotify for all of her songs. The very interesting thing about her though, is that she doesn’t really have a set genre. Some may argue that she’s pop, but some say she’s more alternative/indie. Either way, people all over the nation are falling in love with her music; especially her song, “lovely.”  

The sensational track featuring Khalid consists of two verses, two pre-choruses, and an outro. When her team first heard the song, they realized how depressing it actually was and thought, “Oh, how lovely.” Billie has said that she and Khalid both suffer from mental health issues and you can clearly see it show through the song.

Billie used sarcasm singing,” Isn’t it lovely? All alone/ Heart made of glass, my mind of stone/ Tear me to pieces, skin and bone/ hello, welcome home.” She doesn’t actually love being alone in her depressed state, but she doesn’t have anyone else to go through it with her. It keeps tearing her apart but since she is so used to it now, it has just become a part of her.

Almost all of Billie’s tracks have a dark, edgy, and gritty vibe, but this one really dives deep into her personal life. The reason that I love this song so much, is because it’s different. You don’t ever really hear songs like hers on the radio very much. That is why it caught my attention right off the bat.

I do recommend listening to this song, but it may not be for everyone. Since it does involve depression, it won’t necessarily help you if you have bad mental health. After hearing this song though, I never want anyone to have to go through what she went through. If you’re ever struggling with something, don’t go at it alone because it isn’t lovely at all.