“Birdbox’ Lives Up to the Hype

Sandra Bullock leads an all-star cast in the blockbuster Netflix film.

Lawson Green, Staff Writer

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Set in modern-day America, “Birdbox” is a post-apocalyptic film with many twists and turn to keep viewers interested. Filmed by Susanne Bier and based on the book written by Josh Malerman, “Bird Box” sets its eyes on a mother and two children given the names “Boy” and “Girl” desperately trying to survive against a supernatural monster and people who have sided with them.

With the monsters having the power to make people kill themselves when looked at, Malori, portrayed by Sandra Bullock, has resorted to blindfolding herself and her children at all times when outside. When the group loses their companion Tom, played by Trevante Rhodes, Malori is forced to make a dangerous trip with only boy and girl. With walking being too slow and driving too hazardous while blindfolded, Malori and her children chose to blindly float down a river in a boat they repaired in the midst of the world-wide crisis towards the last place that could be a sanctuary. With the children only knowing the scarred world, they have heard stories of the world before and have the childhood hope of a better life.

For a Netflix movie, viewers are surprised by such an impressive cast. The movie includes many known actors such as Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, and even Machine gun Kelly The movie itself has a lot of action and drama, but the main mystery is the monsters. When watching the movie, the fights and survival tactics are interesting to watch, but the mystery around the monsters is what keeps the viewers glued to the screen. The actors portray the horrific events perfectly while not making seem like they lost their humanity. When supplies get low, the group is thrust into the hostile and unforgiving world to try and survive.  Dealing with the unknown and the potential to never see the outside world again and also being with complete strangers sets the group in events that unfold in interesting ways throughout the movie.

With “Bird Box” thrilling its audience, it is setting up Netflix with a huge fanbase to impress.