Stafford Hopes to Catch his way into the Big Leagues

Sophomore excited about the upcoming baseball season.


Stafford waits for the pitch

Madison David, Editor

*HHS Baseball season is officially underway Friday, January 25th.

It is said that passions start at an early age. Sophomore Drew Stafford is living proof of that theory. Stafford started playing the All-American sport of baseball when he was four years old. Four years later, he went even further and started playing year-round baseball. 

Nine-year-old Stafford showing off his first ring

Baseball is obviously his favorite sport. He explains why by saying, “Baseball is a sport that is hard and challenging. And you have to have a certain love for the sport to play it and exceed in it.”

Stafford welcomes the challenge, “If it was easy then everyone would do it.”

Living in Texas, there are sports aplenty. Finding one that is just perfect for you is not too common. Stafford decided baseball was his when he was thirteen years old. He was playing at Big League Dreams in Dallas, Texas when he hit a ball off the wall and scored the winning run.

Even with that big victory, Stafford’s favorite memory of playing the game took place a few years before. When he was 7 years old, he was playing in a machine pitching league. Stafford recalls, “I hit the machine in the first inning and got a cut pretty bad on my arm. Then, I hit a home run in the 4th inning.”

He has luckily never experienced any serious injuries from the sport except the every-day growing pains of childhood.

Being in high school, you start to put away childhood dreams of flying and start forming new hopes and goals for after graduation. Stafford is planning to go to a division two or three schools for a year and transfer to a division one all while continuing to play baseball. The major goal of this is to play on a division one team for an entire season.

Stafford takes off for first base

Baseball has had a major effect on Stafford’s life, “If I didn’t play year-round baseball, I would have never had the skills that I have now. And probably grown out of the sport by now.”

In addition to playing the sport, he also grew up watching the major leagues. Players like George Springer from the Houston Astros inspired the fifteen-year-old. The Astros player’s humbleness and approach to everyday life always have a positive effect on Stafford. After eleven years of playing, Stafford has learned more than just how to throw, catch and hit.

Stafford will use those skills as he begins his second season catching for the Wildcats Varsity team.

Last year’s district was tough with district competitors Beckville going on to win the state championship, but with a new district, comes new expectations, “I think we should make the playoffs,” he continued, “we only lost one senior, so everyone is returning.”

Life lessons are taught on the field every day. Stafford says one lesson he’s learned is “to never give up; you’re always going to have bad moments, but they will always lead to good ones in the end.”

If for some reason baseball does not work out, Staffords still has his eyes on his future, “I would still continue my dream to become a civil engineer and keep doing good in school.”