Heather McGill: One Last Putt

Senior Heather McGill enters her last season representing HHS golf.


Alexi McGill

The girls team celebrated their 2nd place win after the regional tournament last year.

Madison David, Editor

As the championship golf team gets ready to start this season,  one member prepares to play her final round as a Harleton student.

Senior Heather McGill began playing golf the summer before her freshman year, spending up to four hours at the driving range every day. During her time there, she fell in love with sport that allowed her to play with both her dad and her older sister, Morgan. When she started high school, there was no question as to if she wanted to join the team or not.

Last year, McGill made it to the state competition for golf.

She remembers the contest as being amazing, “It was a hard course, but the people on my team and those I competed against made the experience great.”

That was last year; however, this upcoming season isn’t bothering McGill at all. “I’m not sure how we are gonna do this year, but I really hope I get to go to state my senior year with a team. We just need to take it one tournament at a time.”

Keeping a cool head is a tactic that McGill uses for getting ready for tournaments. She doesn’t let any competition bother her and plays her best each time. This tactic proves to be working.

Golf is known to the majority as a boring sport, but then again, the majority doesn’t play that often, if at all. To players, however, golf can be roller coaster of emotions, ranging from excitement to rage.

McGill explains, “A huge misconception about golf is that it is easy and laid back. Yes, this can be true, but when you max out on a hole, you see the worst side of yourself. There is nothing like looking across the course and seeing someone chunk a club because they are doing bad that day.”

Four years of playing golf yields many good and bad experiences. McGill’s absolute favorite is “going as a team to state with some of the best girls I know, It was so much fun playing with them and achieving our goals as a team.”