Bear Creek Smokehouse Continues Their Family Traditions

Local store becomes nationally renowned smokehouse.

Lawson Green, Staff Writer

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Local Bear Creek Smokehouse has been a successful and family-friendly business just outside of Harleton. Opened in 1943, the general store has been providing wholesome food and goodies for a whopping 75 years. The smokehouse was originally owned by Hick and Nellie Shoults, and after a few decades, is currently run by their grandson Robbie Shoults and wife Tracy. By creating a friendly atmosphere and delicious foods, this family-owned store has become a nationally renowned business.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the community’s help, so we make sure to give back whenever we can.” Stacie Shoults says.  

The Shoults frequently host charity events and take part in the adopt a highway program in order to show their gratitude to the community.

I work hard to live up to the expectations of the generations before me”

— Hunter Shoults

With the opening of a new store at the beginning of November, people from all over the country have flocked to Bear Creek for their events and food.

In order to expand their products and business name even further, they now serve lunch for ten dollars on Wednesdays and twelve dollars on Saturdays. They also host events at the store, which include good food, live music, and wholesome fun.

As the store continues to rise in popularity, the Shoults continue to spread positivity and will hold their values of food, family, and faith for many generations to come.