Harleton Sees the End of an Era

Agriculture teacher Jimmy Cox Retires.


Cox poses with former student Ruger Green after he won the talent show at the District FFA Convention in 2015.

Madison David and Jojo Clark

Harleton High School will not be the same after this year as one of the school’s most tenured teachers says goodbye. Mr. Cox has taught agriculture classes here for 21 years and has decided to enjoy retirement. 

Mr. Cox became a teacher because of one of his own Ag teachers. They inspired him and made him want to share the special experience with future students.

Teaching for so long means there has been many changes. When he first began teaching, everything was done with pen and paper.

“The kids have changed and so has the technology,” Cox said.

Even with such changes to the kids and technology, he still wouldn’t trade it for the world. Mr. Cox would still teach Ag to the students of Harleton if he got a chance to do everything over again.

Cox has had several highlights, but 2010 has been one of his favorite memories of teaching here. Members of his freshman class placed in three events during competition, and he got to take three different teams to an area contest.

The most amusing thing he’s experienced, in Ag class, is simply how his students act and speak.

“One day they’ll be a whole new person.”

Ag is not all about animals. Multiple life lessons are taught in Cox’s class every day.

“I try my hardest to make my students be as successful as they can be in whatever career profession they pursue.” 

Over the years of teaching trials, Cox has some advice for any future Ag teachers before he retires.

“Be honest with everyone and try to treat everyone in the same.”