The Five Easiest Ways For Teens to Make Money

The Five Easiest Ways For Teens to Make Money

Jojo Clark, Staff Writer

Everyone expects teens to have their own source of money, but sadly, they do not. Many teens are looking for easy jobs/ways they can make money to cover expenses.

Here are some easy jobs for teens to help them make more money:

1.Do odd jobs like yard work, pet sit, and house sit.

Teacher Elizabeth Ward has hired several HHS students to house and pet sit when she goes out of town. 

“It is cheaper for me to pay someone to come to the house then pay hundreds of dollars to put my three dogs in the care of a vet or dog sitting place.  Plus, I don’t trust a lot of people to watch my dogs. ”  

2.Babysit for friends or family.  Some HHS students not only babysit, but get paid to take younger students home after school because their parents work.  

“I get paid $120 for multiple kids for 7 or 8 hours,” junior Claire Underwood said.

3.Do chores at your house.

“I get paid for cleaning the yard, and I get paid depending on how long I do it.” sophomore Haley Hopkins. 

4.Tutor someone in a subject you excel in. 

5.Work for the school or local businesses like Wright on Taco, Bear Creek Smokehouse. Longview is also a popular city for students to get jobs.  

“I’ve worked at Regal Cinema for over a year now.  It’s a good job because they will hire you immediately and they are flexible with hours because I only have to work on the weekends,” junior Donovan Copeland said.

Hallsville also has several businesses who need teens to work.  Sophomore Anna Hopkins works at Brookshires.

“I am a social butterfly; I like meeting new customers and getting to know our regulars.  I love my co-workers and the company is such a positive place to work,” Hopkins said.

Find something you love to do and get paid for it.