Class of 2020: Harleton Juniors Reminisce on their Time in High School

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Class of 2020: Harleton Juniors Reminisce on their Time in High School

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As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, Juniors are stepping up to take their place as Seniors. Balancing ACT scores, college applications, and high school GPAs can be stressful, and students are practically drooling in anticipation of finally finishing their time at Harleton.

How do you feel approaching your senior year?

Tyler Mobley: “I’m very excited. I have been waiting for this forever and can’t wait to graduate.”

Lauren Garrett: “I am ecstatic, especially for sports.”

Damara Williams: “I am extremely excited to move on from high school and be out in the world.”

Carmen Knopp: “I’m super super excited, but kind of not excited because I am just not ready to go out into the world.”

Blake Stanley: “I’m ready to graduate and get out of here.”

What’s been your favorite high school memory

Mobley: “It has definitely been playing basketball and softball. I’ve made so many friends.”

Garrett: “Probably when we had to run my freshman year. It was like 150 sprints, it was really crazy. We had played a horrible basketball game.”

Williams: “Making it to state for powerlifting and being crazy at football games.”

Knopp: “Playing in the band at pep rallies”

Keilan Morris: “The first game me and Gabe won in tennis. That was a good memory”

Stanley: “Probably playing baseball and being in athletics.”

What are you doing to prepare for senior year?

Mobley: “I’m taking the big tests like my ACT and TSI. I’ve also been doing dual credit classes to get ready.”

Garrett: “I am taking dual credit classes, my ACT, and trying to get all of my scholarships figured out.”

Williams: “I am looking into schools like UT and SFA.”

Knopp: “I am actually looking at a few schools like University of Florida and seeing what they have for nursing.”

Morris: “Nothing as of right now, probably during the summer time I will do something.”

Stanley: “I guess just going to take the ACT tests and stuff like that and going to big college recruitment camps and stuff.”

What are you most looking forward to?

Mobley: “I’m really looking forward to going to college and gaining new memories and experiences.”

Garrett: I am looking forward to playing basketball one more time!”

Williams: “My schedule because I won’t have to come in until later and it will be easy and relaxed”

Knopp: “Finally getting ready to GO.”

Stanley: “Getting recruited for baseball.”

Will you catch senioritis?

Mobley: “Definitely, I’ve had it for a while.”

Garrett: “Oh, it is already here.”

Williams: “I’ve had it since sophomore year.”

Knopp: “I might catch it, I don’t know”

Morris: “Oh I’ve had that forever. I have procrastinated forever.”

Stanley: “Already have.”

How are looking forward to only having 5 classes?

Mobley: “I’m so glad that I can get out of school early.”

Garrett: “I am excited, because that means I get to sleep in until like eleven.”

Williams: “I will get to sleep in and have more freedoms. I might even get to work a little more in my free time.”

Morris: “Sounds great. More me time is what it sounds like”

What do you plan to do after high school?

Mobley: “I’m planning on going to college and hopefully playing sports.”

Garrett: “I want to go to SFA, and start the next chapter of my life.”

Williams: I hope to get into UT and get my degree from there.

Knopp: “I want to do nursing and then go on to medical school to be a GP”

Morris: “Probably go to college to become an architect.”

Stanley: “Going to college, playing a baseball, get my degree, and then go into the railroad.”

When do you plan to start applying to college, if you’re going?

Mobley: “Sometime next year.”

Garrett: “June 1st.”

Williams: “I haven’t started quite yet, but I will be soon.”

Knopp: “Probably this next semester”

Morris: ”During the summer”

Stanley: “I have kinda already started applying.”

Who has been your favorite high school teacher and why?

Mobley: “It is definitely Mr. Coulter, because he is really understanding when we have other stuff to work on and has a really chill attitude.”

Garrett: ” Coach C, because she has taught me more things than just basketball and track. She has taught me life lessons.”

Williams: “Mrs. Shonda because I have been thought a lot with my family and friends. She not only taught me school subjects, but things I need to know about life and people.”

Knopp: “I’d probably say Mr. Coulter. He is just carefree and funny.”

Stanley: “Mrs. Ward. She has really helped me a lot in progressing my reading levels and my English skills.”

Do you feel like your time in school has passed quickly?

Mobley: “Yes. I don’t feel like I’m about to be a senior at all.”

Garrett: “For sure, I still feel like a freshman.”

Williams: “ Yes, very very quickly.”

Knopp: “A little bit”

How do you view underclassmen?

Mobley: “I appreciate them because I know how it feel to be one of them.”

Garrett: “I love them, a lot of my friends are underclassmen, so I think most of them are pretty nice and not annoying.”

Williams: “ They have a lot of learning. Every generation and every year is very different. I don’t feel that the underclassmen this year are very interactive with the older grades and I would like them to be.

Knopp: “They need some help”

Stanley: “Hm. Depends on which underclassmen they are.”

What would you do differently?

Mobley: “I would’ve taken school much more seriously.”

Garrett: “I probably wouldn’t have gotten into a relationship. I would have just enjoyed high school more instead of worrying about boys.”

Williams: “ I would not get attached to people that I knew would leave because you will get hurt.

Knopp: “Work harder on my grades”

Stanley: “I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I like the way I passed through high school.”

What is one piece of advice you would pass on?

Mobley: “Even though it doesn’t feel important, study and focus more in class. If you don’t, it will come back to bite you in the butt.”

Garrett: “Don’t stress about these people, because it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you are going to move on and it’s going to be okay.”

Williams: “Always love others, regardless of what they have done”

Knopp: “Don’t care what other think about you, and just have fun! (In a good way)”

Stanley: “Actually care in class, because if you don’t, you will fail.”