The Climb to The Top: Harleton’s Weese Named 2019 Valedictorian

Staying Motivated and Working Hard Pays Off

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The Climb to The Top: Harleton’s Weese Named 2019 Valedictorian

Allison Woods, Editor

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Proud Senior PictureAs the school year of 2018-2019 comes to a close, one person has worked extraordinarily hard to climb his way up to the title of Valedictorian of Harleton High School.

Senior Trenton Weese has proven that hard work, overcoming obstacles and struggles, studying hard and never giving up really does pay off.

“Thinking about my future has been my biggest motivation to stay on track,” Weese said. “Imagining how successful I can be really motivates me to keep going. My parents help too.”

Weese’s outlook on the future go way past high school. After he graduates, he plans to go to University of Texas at Austin to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer.

However, as one might expect, climbing up to number one does not come without challenges.

“Honestly, my biggest challenge has been staying motivated,” Weese explained, “Sometimes I tend to forget why exactly I’m doing such hard work and get frustrated. History is a class I’ve really struggled in. I’ve always been a numbers person.”

Over four years of high school, you learn a lot and gain a lot of wisdom. Trenton Weese has words of advice to share.

“If I could give a message to a younger version of myself, I’d say to be more social and outgoing. Try not to be such an introvert,” Trent said. “And if I could give a message to upcoming seniors, it’d be to just try your best. Don’t settle for low grades just because you’re still passing. At least try to get your GPA and such as good as possible. You will literally get free money from scholarships if you try your best.”

Though Trent has bright plans ahead of him, Harleton High School has left an impact on him and has inspired him in ways he will never forget.

“One teacher that’s had the greatest impact on me is Mr. Coulter (English teacher),” Weese said, “He’s a very smart and genuine person. He’s really inspired me.”

Though rising to the top has challenged him, Weese’s grit and determination has kept him right on track to the path of his dreams to the future. Wherever the future may take him, Trenton will never forget about his alma mater.

“I think I’m going to miss the community.” Weese stated. “Everyone seems to know each other here, and since I’m going to such a big city for college, it will be a very strange change of pace, to say the least.”