History Behind the Historian

Blassingame finishes her high school career third in her class.

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History Behind the Historian

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Brooke Blassingame is this year’s historian at Harleton High School.  Moving to Harleton in 7th grade, Blassingame rose to third in her class and will get to reflect on the past four years in school during this week’s graduation Friday night in Longview. 

Blassingame leaves her mark on HHS as a member of the cheer squad, student council and the band. Many moments have stood out to her, but her freshman year was one highlight.

“Freshman year was probably the most memorable. I distinctly remember being in Mrs. Ward’s class and doing random acts of kindness, Brandon Green was dressed up in a giraffe suit handing out candy to our upperclassman,” stated Brooke.

Mrs. Ward is grateful to have started her first year at Harleton with Brooke and her classmates.

“Brooke was in my Honors English I class right after lunch. Four boys and four girls. It was the year of the election and we talked about the candidates nearly every day. I will never forget our spirited conversations(some more heated than others) and how Brooke never backed down from an opinion.”

After graduation, she will continue her studies at Texas A&M University and major in biology.

Throughout the past four years, Blassingame has proven that she has a hard work ethic and high ambition to be something great in life.

She plans on thanking the people who helped her and her classmates get to where they are now in her graduation speech while also keeping her sense of humor.

“I’m thankful for being accepted as the new girl 7 years ago during the most awkward jr. high years ever.”

Blassingame knows school can get tough and offers advice for the students she leaves behind.

“Stay on top of things and don’t procrastinate.”