Top 5 Netflix Series You Should Watch

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Top 5 Netflix Series You Should Watch

Kaden Ramsey, Staff Writer

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Netflix has an array of good shows, some even award-winning, but which ones should you watch? I’ll tell you 5 of my personal favorites that are HUGE must-watches for me.

5. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is composed of cinematic shorts about different stories; the first season is comprised of 3. They consist of surrealistic episodes about our modern society. Saying too much about this series will spoil any part of it. This series has a 83% Rotten Tomatoes Review, so you actually know its good. It is a must-watch for any person trying to get into a new, twisted, sci-fi series.

4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a mature, gory, and outright outrageous series. This is a show not meant for children, so if any one is not okay with that, go to number 3. Breaking Bad follows a chemistry teacher who falls ill with lung cancer and starts to lose money due to his treatment. He finds a guy telling him how to make big money. He starts a meth business, and, since he is a chemistry teacher, he is really good at it. The series shows his mishaps, journeys, and shockingly good ability to deal with chemicals. It is a really good series, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a dramatic and dark series.

3. 13 Reasons Why

Okay, I personally have never watched 13 Reason Why, but I have read the book. Although there are some major differences, the series takes place in the same setting. Basically, a student committed suicide and the protagonist, Clay, receives a package in the mail that contains 13 tapes, which start a journey to finish all the tapes and unravel Hannah Baker’s secret life and the reasons she killed herself.

2. The Office

One of my top favorite series of all time, The Office is a mockumentary, a hilarious, satirical comedy based in a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. It involves a documentary crew going and filming at Dunder Mifflin’s employees and eccentric boss, played by Steve Carell. The characters and storytelling are perfected with such relatable and ridiculous qualities and situations that they make the seemingly stagnant setting part of the comedy.

1. Stranger Things

My favorite Netflix series of all time, Stranger Things, is a 3 season extravaganza that  is comprised of paranormal children, 80’s references, and lots of demogorgons. It is a really dramatic and bingeworthy series, following a group of friends who find a girl with telekinetic powers and their worst nightmares (from Dungeons and Dragons) come to life. Like Black Mirror, I can’t really say much about this series without spoiling it, but it’s my top recommendation!

I hope you liked my compilation, if you think differently or have any suggestions for a new series, contact me at [email protected]