Our New Teachers are Loving it in Harleton!


2019-2020 HHS New Staff

Preston Dorbritz, Staff Writer

When our new teachers came to Harleton they probably didn’t know what to expect. Their students were probably thinking, “Who are they really?” Well these interviews should help some of your questions.

Lindsi Boles- Mrs. Boles comes to us from Linden-Kildare though she actually lives in Hughes Springs. All she can say about the students is that they are amazing and overall just really friendly. The same can be said about how she feels about her fellow co-workers in addition to just being really helpful. She enjoys riding horses and watching her son ride in rodeos. Her favorite movie is The Man from Snowy River, and she likes to listen to Keith Whitley.

Coach Clay Brown- This guy has the longest drive up here to Harleton, taking 50-60 minutes a day, which is about the same as when he worked at Elysian Fields last year. He believes it’s all worth it though so he can teach his students, plus it also helps with food options when he’s en route. At Elysian Fields he taught a smaller class of juniors and says he may have to be a little more strict with the freshmen he has now, but they will enjoy the class. He loves working with his co-workers and says there’s never a dull day at Harleton. In his spare time, Coach Brown enjoys playing video games, watching football, working out, hunting, and listening to old school music (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Doobie Bros., etc.).

Tabitha Clynch-Coming down from the big ocean of Longview High School, Ms. Clynch has joined us in our little pond and is excited to be back in Harleton, her old alma mater.  She says she’s impressed with her students’ manners and how friendly and helpful the upperclassmen have been to the freshmen.  “All of the faculty and staff have been very helpful and great to work with!”  In her spare time, Ms. Clynch enjoys watching shows such as Gilmore Girls and Stranger Things, reading, and going for walks.

Pake Cox- The torch passes from our original Mr. Cox to the new Mr. Cox, also another Harleton alumni. This is his first year of teaching ever, and he is really enjoying it. His fellow co-workers have been really fun and helpful, especially to new teachers like himself. “The kids are real good and wonderful to be around.” In his free time he likes to do some rodeo and team roping, enjoys watching Gunsmoke, and listening to George Strait. He is really excited to be taking over in the AG department and to be teaching all the new young faces.

Dawn Johnston- This sweet and nice lady comes to us from Longview High School where she worked with another teacher, Ms. Clynch. A few of her favorite TV shows are X-Files, Criminal Minds, and Arrow. Some of her favorite songs are November Rain by Guns N’ Roses and Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns. She loves working with and teaching her students and has had no trouble whatsoever. “They are absolutely fabulous!” she says. She now knows what Maestra Cunningham is talking about when she calls this place Heaven. Working with her co-workers has been wonderful, and she couldn’t have asked for any better. In her free time she loves being with her grandchildren, doing work in her garden, and working out.

Tissy Newman- This lady has been with the Harleton community as a teacher since 2002. Since this is her first year with Print Shop, we all wish her the best of luck! She absolutely loves working with her co-workers and says they have been both a joy and a blessing. She has enjoyed working with her students, but admits it’s been a little tough, getting them and the Print Shop back into the swing of things. Mrs. Newman is also the photographer for the yearbook and loves to read.

Coach Gary Parrish- This calm and collected guy comes to us from Mineola High School. He is really enjoying his job here and speaks very highly of his students and co-workers. He absolutely loves working with both and says his co-workers are super helpful and friendly. In his spare time he likes watching the ID Channel and listening to that “old school music” like Brown Eyed Girl.

Coach Taylor Pyland- This lady is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is also a first year teacher and Harleton alumni, graduating just one year after Mr. Cox. She loves working here with her wonderful students and finds her co-workers to be super kind, helpful, and just all around nice. In her free time she likes to watch Friends and listen to Zac Brown. She loves traveling, trying new foods, being outside, and playing with her dog, Parker, who is a Goldendoodle.

We wish all of our new teachers a wonderful and great year here in Harleton!