Cross Country: The Run to Victory

Desiree' Hayden, Staff Writer

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This school year athletes’ spirits have become higher than the temperatures of Texas! The cross-country boys and girls have been actively preparing for the race that they are sure to succeed in. Their first meet was Saturday, August 31st, and tensions are high. Monica Fajardo, junior, states, “We’ve been training so hard this summer by running 3 miles everyday. I’ve never felt so prepared.” Because they have pushed themselves so hard, the athletes are really hyped for this season.

In cross country, there is no such thing as quitting during both the real race and just the practices.  “You can go slow as you can, but never stop. You won’t be as motivated if you do. Always keep going,” Monica Fajardo says.

Many of the returning runners want to improve their previous ranks. Senior and cross country competitor of 3 years, Jalen Jackson has his head in the game and is not backing down. He plans to “work harder” after placing 100th at Regionals last year and 4th in district, looking to boost both his speed and stamina. Fajardo, placed 13th in district,  is determined to improve this year. The rest of the Lady Cats’ team consists of Amber Hitt, Kaitlynn Trejo, Samantha Rogers, and Zaharia Jackson.  All are looking to make it to State this year!