Who’s Ready for Some Football?!


Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

Football season has kicked off, and everyone has been on high alert prepping for the first official game! As a cheer coach, Cindy Hooten explains just how much work goes into Friday nights.

“The preparation never stops. I prep year round; all the way to the point of dreaming cheer.”

As the cheer sponsor, Mrs. Hooten is responsible for getting the boys, coaches, and fans hyped up, and she’s very good at her job! From sparkly cheer uniforms to pep rallies where students are able to duct tape their teachers to the wall, we always know it’ll be exciting at HHS!  

People start to show up at the fields as soon as the final bell rings at school. This year, our first game is an away game, but that doesn’t stop the fans from showing up. I interviewed one of our varsity running backs, sophomore Luke Wright, who came to HHS from Sabine just last year and says they’ve been working hard with Coach Little and feel prepared for the new season.  He kept it short and sweet when I asked him what he expected for this season.

“I expect us to win a butt-load of games.”

We certainly can’t argue with that!  Go Wildcats!!!