Top 3 Trends of the Month

Ava Scalia, Staff Writer

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In this day and age, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. A simple picture can go viral and change the culture of a couple million people. Clothing, music, video games, and technology’s trends are constantly changing. This past month a few of these categories have blown up and spread like a sickness across the world. This disease is, in fact, contagious. 

  1. Tik Tok: It’s taking over the youth. Most of its people, including myself, downloaded the app as a joke. Since then, I have spent hours upon hours a week lost in the trap that is Tik Tok. Every scroll is more enticing than the last. There is a wide variety of helpless souls that scour this captivating temptation. The ages range from 5 to 85 and older. This app is nonetheless connecting the masses by providing a light environment for people to build friendships and form unexpected connections. 
  2. VSCO:  I’m sure all of you are familiar with the term VSCO. This new photo editing app has grown a tremendous following in the past few weeks. Details such as likes, follows and comments are all between two individuals. While people can see what you choose to post, no one is able to judge the amount of popularity it is gaining. In my opinion, I think the creators of this new phenomenon are quite genius. The app allows people to express themselves creatively in a way that they may feel too much pressure to do on other social technologies.
  3. The 90’s:  Have you ever heard the term, full circle? It seems as though everything in this world comes full circle, including fashion. The 90’s was a time of good music, teenage angst, and suggestive clothing. Almost two decades later, our sense of style is heavily inspired by those grungy few years. Over-sized clothing, chunky shoes, accessories such as chains, scrunchies, butterfly clips and more are the latest hot items. What do you think will be our future generations preferred approach to our current style if this “trend” of everything coming back 360 really is true?