Top Books That You Should Read Today


Kaden Ramsey, Staff Writer

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, so being an avid reader, I read a lot of books. Here are some of my favorites.

Girl on a Plane

Girl on a plane is about a girl who goes on a causal plane ride. Sounds pretty boring right? Well you would be surprised. A group of guerrillas hijack the plane! With terror in her mind and thinking of the worst possible outcomes, you are led on an adventure with the main character as she struggles with the events that unfold.

The Outsider

Not to get confused with The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, this book is written by Stephen King and is one of his latest books. The story follows Detective Ralph Anderson on his search to find who violated the corpse of an 11 year old boy. All suspects follow to Terry Maitland who swears he is innocent. His wife even has an alibi saying he was away for a week when it happened.This is possibly one of Stephen King’s most ambitious novels and will leave you on the edge of your seat.

I Am the Messenger

Reading this in Mrs. Ward’s class last year, I thought this book would just be a boring novel. However, to my surprise, it is one of my most favorite books. It is about a guy named Ed Kennedy, a local taxi driver who was the victim of a bank robbery. He tries to stop the bank robbery, but he fails.  Thinking that’s it, an ace arrives in the mail and that is when he becomes the messenger. Helping and hurting people with these new aces that have messages on them. As he’s doing these, he still has one question, who is sending him the ace.

Long Way Down

Another book I read in Mrs. Ward’s, Long Way Down, is an excellent book that is written by an up-and-coming author, Jason Reynolds. It’s not just a regular book though, as it is written in a weird and unnatural way, almost like the whole book is a poem. It’s about a boy named Will who has a tragic background involving the murder of his brother. The book is set in an elevator that takes a whole 60 seconds going into each floor revealing secrets and friends of his brother. It is a really surreal book and an interesting read.


We read this as a class in 5th grade but that doesn’t change the amount of love I have for this book. It is a really fun and enjoyable story. It takes place in the Canadian wilderness which is were his plane crash landed because his pilot died of a heart attack. Brian, the main character, is now stranded in the wilderness with only the hatchet that his mother gave him before his departure. I like this book because as it goes on, he has more situations and problems that really entice you to keep reading.