What’s Up with the Guys with the Camera?

What's Up with the Guys with the Camera?

Desiree' Hayden, Staff Writer

What’s up with the guys with the camera? 

If you have ever been in the middle of class, roaming the hallways between periods, or just innocently going to get a drink of water, you might have seen guys with a camera wandering around. The Audio Visual, AV,  class is dedicated to creating, editing, and spreading positivity through their videos. This year the AV Club has been experimenting with new concepts and ideas since they have a new teacher.

Many newcomers have entered the field of film making such as junior, Matthew Wilson.”I did AV because I wanted to do something that requires a camera, acting, or filming.”  He is an avid member of the HHS Band and enjoys blasting his trombone at Friday night games. He doesn’t work alone as he has a trusty partner who assists him.”My go-to partner is mainly Dalton Lunday since he is my friend, and we do almost everything together.” Friendships thrive in this class since the creativity is high. It has also become a new hobby for Matthew as filming has been a new way to show off his ideas.

The AV uploaded their first video of the year on the Harleton YouTube Channel for their Wildcat Report, a monthly video about events and news over the past month. From a homemade ad to “The Redneck Word of the Month,” the video has gained popularity and many laughs from both teachers and students. Currently, they are working on filming interviews and learning the ins and outs of how to properly interview.

Many students come back after their first year to continue learning film making. Junior Johnathan Sessom is a second year AV student who recommends everyone should join the class. “Yeah, it is really fun. You learn how to use a camera, edit, and do skits. It is worth it.” Though he does admit the changes this year had him on edge, he still enjoys it.  As far as new teachers, Sessom commented, “Coach Furlow was more chill and let us have more freedom. Coach Faye is more strict, and we can’t film our own topics, but I will admit that we make higher quality videos now that he is here.” 

AV is not just about filming, it is about creating something that entertains people and gives everyone tons of laughs. Friendships grow, and bonds get tighter as the AV club inspires HHS and fills everyone with positivity.