Why are Banned Books Banned?


It is crazy how many books are banned in libraries. It is understandable for some books, but for others– it is surprising to say the least. The reasons behind these prohibited books are weird, stupid, and shocking, so grab your banned book and popcorn! 

Hop on Pop

This cult hit by the critically acclaimed author, Dr. Seuss, is banned in some schools. Why, you ask?  Because it has “violent undertones.”  Apparently hopping on pop is violent.  Luckily, libraries have defended the beloved book:

“The book is a humorous and well-loved children’s book designed to engage children while teaching them reading skills, [and] the children are actually told not to hop on pop.”

The Outsiders

I’m really surprised this one is banned considering that we read it in school. This novel is written by S.E. Hinton, who is, surprisingly, a woman. Not being misogynistic or anything, it’s just amazing how a book about a group of men getting involved with crime is not by a man, but a woman.

Anyways, this book was banned because of violence and kids smoking and drinking.  These days, teenagers are already exposed to its “adult” content, which is mild compared to a lot of things we see on a daily basis now, and it teaches strong life lessons.  Again, pretty surprising a woman wrote this.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I think it’s obvious why this is on the banned list, but let me explain it anyways. Huckleberry Finn is written by Mark Twain, a well-known American author known for this book and Tom Sawyer. If you haven’t read it, well, the book is an adventure of a boy named Huck in search of freedom and adventure. With uses of the “n word” and the racist things some people say, this book was bound to be one of the most notoriously banned.


As a kid, I absolutely loved Bone; its fantasy feel and graphic novel format is really intriguing to a child’s eye. Personally, when I heard Bone was a banned book, I was surprised. Apparently, Bone contains drinking, smoking, and gambling!? Back in medieval times, this made sense, but according to today’s standards, it does not. So if you don’t see this lighthearted fantasy book on your library shelf, you know why now.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

These books were the heart and soul of my childhood, which is one of the reasons I love horror so much now. This book is scary though, like really scary, so it’s not a surprise this got banned with the disturbing illustrations and creepy atmospheres that some of the stories possess.

This book is now a major motion picture that is even more disturbing considering it is directed by Guillermo Del Toro. I’m surprised our school let us read it in elementary. This book has been banned in some more schools after the movie’s release because again, “It was too scary.”

So these are some good books I’ve picked that I love and and are banned in some schools. I hope you enjoyed my picks and maybe will read one of these to see just why they are good and banned.