What is UIL?

What is UIL?

Ava Scalia and Sammy Duncan

UIL stands for University Interscholastic League and hosts a wide variety of academic competitions.  Ranging from 3 to 30 years, our teachers are more than qualified for their events and have each advised teams who have brought home the win!  Mrs. Brock, Mr. Gray, Mr. Wollaver, and Ms. Clynch have all gotten their teams and/or individuals to the State UIL Meet!  Mrs. Brock has consistently gotten all of her UIL events to the Regional Meets every year! Our goal this year is to win district as a school and take several teams to Regionals and State.

If you participate in a UIL event, you can obtain an extra exemption from semester and/or final exams, and most events are hosted during school hours so that also means a day off from school! 

Here are the coaches and information about their events:

Mrs. Boles 

  • Science – Consists of a test over scientific knowledge and principles and ability to think through scientific problems.  Practices are during break on Wednesdays.

Mrs. Brock

  • Prose and Poetry – A selected poem is performed in front of judges. Practices are during break on Mondays.

Ms. Clynch – Newspaper and Journalism

  • Copy Editing – 15 minutes; 3 sections selecting/evaluating grammar choices and suggesting revisions.
  • Editorial Writing – 45 minutes; read notes over an event, pick a side, and write an opinionated article using the notes.
  • Feature and News Writing – 60 and 45 minutes respectively; read notes over an event and write an objective article about it.
  • Headline Writing – 30 minutes; read 6 stories and create 6 headlines for them while staying within the character limit.

Mr. Coulter – UIL Coordinator 

  •  Ready Writing – You get two hours to write an expository essay of your choice from two prompts. Practices are during break on Tuesdays in Mr. Coulter’s room.
  • Spelling – A three-part contest that has multiple questions and words written from dictation. 80% of the words will be from the UIL word list. This list changes every year. Practices are during break on Wednesdays in Mr. Coulter’s room.
  • Literary Criticism – Participants are required to read an assigned novel, drama, and collection of poems. They then take a multiple choice test, which is divided into three sections:  literary history/terms, required reading, and poetry analysis. There is also a mandatory tie-breaker essay. Practices are during break on Mondays in Mr. Coulter’s room.

Mr. Gray-Superintendent 

  • Social Studies –  A book is selected to be read and tested on.  The competition consists of 45 questions and an essay. Practices are during break on Thursdays.
  • Current Issues and Events –  It consists of 40 multiple choice questions along with an essay about current  issues and events. Practices are during break on Thursdays.

Mrs. Harkins

  • Accounting – A one hour test with 80-100 questions about advanced accounting skills Practices are during break on Wednesdays.
  • Computer Applications – This event mainly focuses on using spreadsheets and plotting data while simultaneously being accurate and speedy with your typing.  Practices are during break on Wednesdays.

Mrs. Luymes

  • One Act Play – A 40 minute play with a full cast, light technician, stage manager, and sound technician. Practices TBA.

Mr. Wolaver

  • Mathematics – A forty minute test with sixty questions testing your mathematical knowledge. Practices are during break on Wednesdays.
  • Number Sense –  A ten minute test consisting of 80 questions where only mental math is allowed. Practices are during break on Wednesdays.