The Modern-Day Mullet: Style of the Gods?


Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

The curse of the mullet has risen and infected the halls of Harleton High School, but also blessed the girls who are head over heels for this new feel-your-hair-fly-in-the-wind-but-not- in-your-face style. 8 young teenage boys who sport the modern mullet were interviewed from our school. It’s safe to say that they are very secure and confident about their stylistic choices. When testing their egos, it was confirmed each believes his mullet to be the best, but were inspired by the infamous Joe Dirt and Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Brothers Hunter and Caleb McPherson have had mullets the longest, since the 4th grade and have no intention of changing it. Every hunting season, the boys prepare in advance to grow the hair out. They begin in early June and continue to grow it out until hunting season has come to an end. 

As far as the ladies go, sophomore Luke Wright shares the views he has been given from some of his close female friends:

 “They absolutely love it. It’s punchy!” 

After a brief discussion of the definition of “punchy,” we came to the conclusion that punchy is another term for attractive. Although his grandma detests the return of this hairstyle, Luke is determined to maintain it. He has grown his mullet out for 5 months and loves to let it flow. 

Senior Jacob Holder has had a mullet since birth. His grandmother is a huge fan; as well as the ladies. As a family tradition, his dad’s mullet is the inspiration to his hairstyle. Every few weeks, he takes the time to head over to Dean’s Barber Shop in Marshall, TX, and get a trim to shape up this “Style of the Gods.” He has full confidence that he has the best mullet around. 

Junior Granger Wallace has rocked his mullet since this summer, thanks to the barber shop by Krogers.  When asked if he ever pulls the long part back, Granger said, “Heck naw! No flow or no go, baby!” His grandmother, like the other ladies, believes the look suits him.  He said the ladies tell him he has a “cute mullet,” and it makes him “look hot.” Does it really feel like business in the front and a party in the back? “Heck yeah! Especially on weekends!”  

Tyler Mattheson, a junior, has had a mullet for 2 months and counting. His style is all natural but originated from a lost bet. He actually never intended to grow a mullet, but at a family reunion, he made a bet with his father and lost. As Bob Ross would say, this was indeed a “happy mistake” because Tyler is very satisfied with his new look.

Senior Brady King has only sported his mullet for a month since he got it cut at Sports Clips.  He admits his neck does get hot but doesn’t pull the long part of his mullet back into a ponytail.  Although Brady is single, he insists the ladies love his hair.

Another junior, Grayson Handlin, said Colleen Stepherson sculpts his mullet, which he’s had for three years.  When asked if it really feels like business in the front and a party in the back, he said, “You know it!” His inspiration is his father, who had a mullet in high school.  Grayson says his grandma loves the mullet, and the ladies can’t stop gazing at it. Grayson’s response to who has the best mullet was: “I do. No doubt about it.”

Coming October 11th, HHS will hold a mullet contest at the pep rally. The boy with the best looking mullet will be crowned and given a gift card to Whataburger.