Minecraft: The Nether-Ending Adventure


Desiree' Hayden and Hunter Knoble

 Minecraft, a beautiful game of adventure and destiny, brings almost all ages and genders to the screen. Minecraft has become a worldwide success ever since it was first launched in May 2009.  Not only is it a popular video game, but it is also a widely enjoyed meme among the community.

In 2019, the players finally get to see their minecraft dogs after not seeing them for many years.  Thanks to Pewdiepie, the game has made a major comeback to the youtube platform. His series has inspired other YouTubers such as VanossGaming, Jacksepticeye, CallMeKevin,  and many other creators to follow in his footsteps. With them, the fans also get to reminisce about their childhood game. The game has racked in $110 million since 2018 compared to the $80.8 million revenue in 2010 which is a huge jump. 

The game has gotten many new updates since its release due to the amount of traction it has gained. The implementation of new animals such as bees, foxes, and pandas have driven old players to come check out all the new features. Minecraft isn’t just plain grass and sand; it has many different land biomes ranging from tundras to acacia biomes all over the world. The map has underwater temples you can explore or you can go to the Nether to raid the fortresses.  There is much to discover in the infinite block world. You can uncover buried treasure using a dolphin, craft your marvelous house, or–the greatest honor of all– defeat the Ender Dragon. 

Minecraft is an infinite seed of creativity at your disposal; anything you want and anything you like at your fingertips. Be adventurous, let the creative side of yourself crawl out and be exposed to the beautiful game of Minecraft!