HHS Fall Play


Natalie Wright, Staff Writer

Everyone is ecstatic for this year’s fall play! HHS Theater’s Department performed Clue last year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This year, there will be some new freshmen joining the cast and crew: Brooks Borden, Dakota Bower, Lexi Allums, and Calvin Groom. The actors must work day and night to memorize lines, step-by-step choreography, and blocking. The crew consists of stage manager(s) and light/sound technicians who must ensure everything and everyone is ready and remember the cues to follow for lighting and sound changes.

Lesley Luymes, HHS theatre teacher and director said, “I am most excited about all the new faces we have working on the play from new actors to new crew members. I love getting to know the students outside of school and creating a community of theater kids that gets stronger every year. I am also excited for our lights and sound; they have needed some updating for quite some time, and we are working with administration to make those needs happen. This play will be so fun and enjoyable to watch, don’t miss it!!!”

This year’s play is I Hate Shakespeare! by Steph DeFerie. “‘We hate Shakespeare!’ At least that’s what the audience thinks until they get a rip-roaring rundown of Shakespeare’s classics. With zombies, talking cows, and an appearance by Jerry Springer, I Hate Shakespeare! is a hilarious and fast-paced introduction to Shakespeare – with a modern twist. Plus, someone gets a pie in the face. What can be better than that?”

HHS will perform I Hate Shakespeare! on December 13th at 7 P.M., December 14th at 7 P.M., and December 15th at 2 P.M.