Why Don’t We Obsession

Why Don't We Obsession

Natalie Wright, Staff Writer

Why don’t we talk about Why Don’t We, the American boy band that is sweeping girls off their feet and causing them to fall in love with them! They have become extremely famous in the pop world because of their ecstatic voices, looks, style, personalities, and variation of music. The song that put them on the top charts was “Trust Fund Baby,” which is basically about a guy not wanting a girl who is a gold digger.  Why Don’t We includes 5 members: Jonah Marias, Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, Zach Herron, and Daniel Seavey, all approximately 20 years old. The band was formed September 27, 2016 and has just recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary as a band. 

Their first big tour was actually Jingle Ball where they played their Christmas EP (extended play rather than a full album).  Then they started working with other EPs and have now released 5. One of the EPs was directed by famous Youtuber and Vloger, Logan Paul. They have one album so far called “8 Letters.” 

Their most recent song releases have been quite interesting. Every month of 2019, they have released a new single leaving the fans shook and anticipating the next. I recommend listening to this band because their music is just simply beautiful. Now, why don’t we… wrap this up?  Get it?