Hunting Season Has Arrived! 

Hunting Season Has Arrived! 

Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

If you live anywhere remotely close to East Texas, you are very aware of the potential threat of hearing a gunshot nearby! Have no fear, it’s more than likely not aimed at you, but at an animal carrying on throughout the woods! Deer season began on October 26-27 for ages 16 and under and is going to open up for adults on November 2nd. For all of the Harleton teenage hunters, this means getting up at the crack of dawn with the hopes of shooting the biggest buck around! 

Texas is home to over roughly 3.6 million white-tailed deer. With the population growing, it’s the hunters’ job to keep the population under control. Harleton High School has no problem embracing their redneck roots while scouting the area for wildlife. Sophomore, Caleb McPherson, used the advantage of youth season to scout his land as well as his lease. He and his twin brother, Hunter McPherson, got up early October 26th to go hunting on both their own property, as well as a lease.

Other hunters would prefer to hunt on just their own land. Junior, Mattheson Wright, has hunted for what seems like his whole life. He personally loves to hunt pheasant, dove, quail, and deer. Over the weekend during youth season, Matt shot a spike, which is a buck that has no more than one point on one side of its antlers. An antler point is a branch measuring 1 inch or longer, but points don’t count if they are within 4 inches of the skull. Mattheson intends to shoot a bigger buck by the end of the season. Other than actually shooting the deer, he enjoys hunting because he’s alone in a quiet atmosphere and gets to rest in the deer blind. 

As for myself, I’m a big crossbow hunter. Hunting wasn’t intriguing to me until I turned 14. Since then, I’ve shot a doe, and hope to shoot a big buck this year. After taking advantage of the youth season, I feel overly confident about how this hunting season is going to turn out before the end because I saw some promising targets.  

Junior Dylan Cochran has hunted since he was a little kid. He enjoys hunting rabbit, deer, squirrel, and pretty much anything that walks on his side of the woods. He hunts in a deer blind, and uses weapons such as a 270 and a 243. Always preparing the night before, Dylan made it a goal this year to kill the biggest buck around his corner of Harleton. 

This season is looking like a cold one, but that isn’t stopping any of our Harleton hunters! Freshman Lane Woods and sophomore Gabe Campbell have pledged not to chicken out no matter how cold it gets, even though they both prefer tree stands, which are more exposed to the elements. 

Dream Hunting Sites

Alaska, Africa, Kansas, “Right here in East Texas,” Brazil, and Stuttgart, Arkansas