transparent question marks

Preston Dorbritz, Staff Writer

In the past week, the HHS Green and Gold has gone around asking people the same questions:  What is a chiffonier, and what would you do with it?

Christian DeLeo-Eat it

 Ava Scalia-Walk with it

 Marla Ready-Cut something with it

 Coach Brown-Figure out what it is

 Cindy Hooten-Put clothes in it

 Joseph Denton-Use it for an animal call

 Hannah Wilson-Eat it

 Catherine Bates-Put clothes in it

 Lisa Cochran-Stick it in your ear

 Beau Simmons-Light it on fire

 Patricia Cunningham-Put pictures on it

 Titus McDonnel-…Shove it up Benjamin’s butt…

 Eric Pantoja-Throw it in the toaster

Cameron Cortinas-Plant it  

Nick Paschall-Swim with it

chiffonier is a a tall chest of drawers, often with a mirror on top…