Wildcats Win District, Ready for Playoffs


Ava Scalia, Staff Writer

Mr. Gray, Harleton ISD’s superintendent, made a speech that surely moved the football boys last week.

“It has been 4,380 days since Harleton High School made it to the district championship.  1,460-the number of days since Harleton football was in the playoffs.” These simple facts made everyone in the gymnasium hyped up and ready for the Wildcats to take the W! 

On November 8, 2019, the Harleton Wildcats became district champs, beating Joaquin 22-13. The crowds of both teams sat on the edge of their seats all night anxiously awaiting the final score. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, kids, and even some neighboring dogs all decided to show up and cheer on our guys. 

The last district championship for Harleton was in 2007. A major confidence boost has been given to each of the athletic participants this year. Our team as a whole is physically and mentally stronger than ever. With the introduction of HHS’ new coaching staff, led by Coach Little, we are excelling both as a school and a family. 

Harleton competed against the Deweyville Pirates in Nacogdoches Thursday, filling the stands  thanks to a number of supportive students who hitched a ride on the fan bus driven by Coach C.  Harleton won 46-7 and will face the Carlisle Indians next week.