Xbox One or PlayStation 4: Which Dark Side Will You Choose?`

 Xbox One or PlayStation 4: Which Dark Side Will You Choose?`

Desiree' Hayden, Staff Writer

We can all agree, both consoles instill rage in us and other times they offer us our most memorable, funny moments. The biggest debate among gamers worldwide is the simple question: Which is better? Console wars have overtaken the internet as people personally attack each other over which console they find superior. Intellectuals will side with the PC master race, but of course, we aren’t talking about the big daddy.  It goes way beyond the numbers or the layout, it goes to the player holding the controller. PlayStation and Xbox are the top contenders in the race for popularity. In the distance, we hear Nintendo crying. Maybe next time Wii. 

PlayStation 4 Pro, the original gangster of modernized gaming, is capable of 4K for gaming and when watching tv shows, taking it to a whole ‘notha level.  The general interface, the home screen, is simple and not all over the place which is a plus for people with OCD. The console itself is inexpensive and cheap for its popularity and net worth.  The exclusives is what keeps PlayStation fans coming back. You are able to play adventurous parkour games such as Uncharted or chunk-your-controller-out-of-rage Bloodborne. Not your style? Then you can venture off in the tons of story based games that PS offers such as– The Last of Us and Detroit: Become Human. The exclusives aren’t the only pros to the PlayStation as Sony actually lets players get new games before Xbox. Games such as GTA 6 and Call Of Duty, premiere on the console before their release which is a huge flex. Amazing exclusives and VR, virtual reality, puts PlayStation ahead of the game with it’s dope headset and controllers to take the gaming world into a reality. Working out to BeatSaber and SuperHot is beneficial for gamers who need that bit of fitness in their life while still having a great time. PlayStation has the most comfortable, and interactive gaming controllers ever known to man. With a built in mic to speak to your console, a glowing D-pad that changes colors, and having your console speak to your through the controller itself shows how tech savvy the console is. 

Xbox, you have been with us since day one. Bringing gamers together worldwide, to connect as one. Giving us amazing exclusives coming from all genres of gaming, from beyond the race track to out-of-this world alien shooters. Microsoft’s two huge games are Forza and Halo. Forza has some of the most beautiful graphics you will ever see, leaving your breathless. Graphics aren’t the only thing keeping gamers at the edge of their seats, the gameplay is spot on. Taking on high speeds throughout all and every biome known to man, through snow and sun. Having the morning dew fly off of your speed demon down to the asphalt below you. Forza Horizon 4, Microsoft’s most recent Forza game, is beautiful and glorious in all aspects. This is just a small taste of what Xbox can really accomplish. Only $100 more and you can get amazing hardware, graphics, Game library, entertainment, and online experiences, said to be some of the best features of Xbox One X. The Xbox One X includes 4K through everything including home screen, apps, games, and all streaming applications. If this doesn’t make you pick the amazing team of Xbox, then the free game offers will. Let’s be honest, we all love free games. You get exactly 6 free games for each month in a year, which totals out to 72 free games a year, saving you around $2,160 in video games. Compared to the PlayStation team, who only gives 24 free games a year. 

All consoles are one of a kind and bring us so much enjoyable playtime. Both consoles shine in their own way in the eyes of the beholder. Though, at the end of the day, a gamer is a gamer regardless of console.