From HHS to the Pros


Hunter Knoble, Staff Writer

A famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, once said, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” George Johnson and Keyuo Craver, two small town star athletes from Harleton, Texas, both made it to the big leagues. 

George E. Johnson, a retired American professional basketball player, began training at HHS at 6’11”, working hard to make a name for himself. Graduating from Harleton in 1966, Johnson went straight into college at Stephen F. Austin State University, where his dreams came true. Starting in 1970, Johnson played for the following NBA and ABA teams:  the Baltimore Bullets, Delaware Blue Bombers, Dallas Chaparrals, and the Houston Rockets. He retired in 1974, averaging about 4 points and 5 rebounds a game.

Keyuo Boderek Craver played football for Harleton High School, won State in the Triple Jump, and received a full scholarship to the University of Nebraska.   Craver was also drafted as a fourth round pick to the New Orleans Saints in 2002. He spent three full seasons there, until his contract came to an end. Keyuo then signed up for the Canadian Football League. He joined the Omaha Beef of Champions Indoor Football in January 2015 as an assistant coach.

These two built their legacy from the ground up. Starting their fame at Harleton High School and going on to become something bigger than themselves, they continue to inspire all athletes at HHS to follow their dreams and never give up.