King of the Mullets!


Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

Last month, Harleton High School students participated in a mullet contest. After fierce cheering and anticipation, Cheer Coach Cindy Hooten announced the winner of the contest:
“Junior, Tyler Mattheson!!”

Much to Tyler’s surprise, he  received an American flag/camo crown and $15 gift card to Whataburger. The crowd went wild as Tyler walked off the floor, and the band played their loudest notes, while the student section shouted at the top of their lungs. Runner-up, Brady King, also received a crown, but was not as excited.  Later, Tyler was asked how he prepared for the contest, only to respond, “I let my hair grow and flow naturally!”

Tyler decided to not spend his gift card just yet, but waited a few weeks to splurge with his reward, taking his beautiful girlfriend, fellow junior Chloe Warner, out to eat. Together, they got an avocado bacon burger with a large fry.

Whataburger is one of Tyler’s all-time-favorites.  He stated, “Yeah, it was good. It tasted great as always; it’s Whataburger!”

Tyler plans to continue the growth of his hair, as well as continue to go to Whataburger. Harleton High School is still thriving with mullet bearers and hopes to keep the mullet competition as a tradition within our school.