Mimi’s Confections: HHS Algebra Teacher also Professional Baker


Natalie Wright, Staff Writer

Ms. Jamesa Jones, an Algebra teacher at Harleton High School, has been baking and learning how to cook since her mama would let her in the kitchen. Decorating cakes is a joy she learned through YouTube and by trial and error. Her baking business has been going for 11 years.

Ms. Jones usually bakes Wednesday through Saturday. This, of course, makes her exhausted at the end of the week because her after school hours are spent in the kitchen when she isn’t putting in grades for her students. Ms. Jones makes cakes, cupcakes and cake balls that she sells for a variety of occasions. 

Her most favorite thing to bake is wedding cakes, and her specialties are a white almond cake and German chocolate cake balls. Her most popular cake flavor is white almond and strawberry.