Hoop! There it is!


Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

Basketball season has gotten the show on the road and is heating up at Harleton High School! With Coach C as head coach and Christi Siler as the assistant, everyone has high hopes for the Lady Cats to be district champs. 

In order to accomplish this, intense and diligent training goes into each of these girls day and night. There are 12 on Varsity and 10 on JV. Practices are held before and after school.

UIL states that a student athlete must keep passing averages in class or they are ineligible to play.  This teaches the athletes to be disciplined.

Sophomore Meredith Sellers states, “You’re held to a higher standard and are required to keep grades in check.” Meredith has participated in basketball since 3rd grade and plans to continue throughout high school. Each year, she feels like the training and competition have gotten tougher compared to HJH Basketball and Elementary Little Dribblers. 

The girls now have the opportunity to progress to State. Competitions include District, Bi-District, Area, Regional, and, finally, State. Last year, Meredith got the chance to be a part of Varsity as a freshman. Together, the team worked and got the thrill of making it to Area. Although Meredith loves basketball and considers it to help shape and mold her personality, she has decided to discontinue playing after high school because she would like to focus more on academics. 

Sophomore Kailey Wright is another student athlete who has participated in basketball since 3rd grade. Like Meredith, she began in Little Dribblers and continued into high school. She said that the training consists of drills, running, and a LOT of hustling! One of the reasons her love for basketball has grown is from her coach. Coach Shannon Johnson, also known as Coach C, has greatly influenced the way these athletes look at life.  Kailey states, “She not only pushes you to do your best in athletics, but on a personal level by connecting with you.”

Coach C has been coaching since 1988 to 2019. She has a 16 year old daughter who also plays for HHS and loves it just as much as her mother does. As a high school student, Johnson had a coach who she felt like was there just for the paycheck. After that, she vowed to care for each individual she coached. She loves these girls to “the moon and back,” and enjoys being able to be a part of their lives. This is seen through the players’ perceptions of their coach. Meredith states, “ It’s great having Coach C as a coach. She helps us in life, and to me, is seen as a motherly figure. She loves and cares for us on a personal level.” 

These athletes have the heart and endurance to conquer any team! With a coach as determined and motivating as Coach C, it’s inevitable that these girls are being taught how to do their best not only in athletics, but in their everyday lives.