HES Angel Tree


Sammy Duncan, Staff Writer

Harleton Elementary’s Angel Tree Program is meant to bring joy to all, not just the more fortunate families in Harleton. Its purpose is to provide presents to children whose families need some help for the holidays. Gifts given can range from simple necessities such as clothes and bed sets, all the way to bikes and dolls. Even though this may seem small, these gifts have a big impact on the students. 

This year the Angel Tree will be supplying 75 kids with presents. Although the average each year is about 90 kids, this number is still impressive compared to when the program first started. When Traci Jones, the operator of Angel Tree, became the counselor in 2008, the program was just for elementary students and averaged about 15-20 kids. But it has grown significantly in the span of 11 years, tripling its numbers. She may be the face of the program, but the one and only God is the real show runner. As proved by Mrs. Traci’s most recent experience. 

The deadline had already passed for this year when a family signed up two kids for the program. Since Mrs. Traci didn’t want to leave anyone out, she signed them up, hoping she would be able to find more volunteers to adopt them from the Angel Tree. Two days later, someone wanted to sponsor not just one, but two children, truly a blessing from God.

Presents have been wrapped as of December 15th and will be picked up by the parents during Christmas Break at Harleton Baptist Church. The family will also be given a ham at the time of pick up. 

If you want to help with, sponsor, or sign up for Angel Tree next year, please contact Mrs. Traci Jones at [email protected].