HHS Faculty & Staff Go All Out for Christmas


Natalie Wright, Staff Writer

What’s a door without a wreath? For me, when you enter a room with Christmas decorations on the outside, you have to expect the same on the inside. The holiday spirit should be expected the moment you walk into that decorative doorway. The teachers at HHS have the same idea. 

For the past two years, Harleton has been doing a holiday door decorating contest during the month of December. The participants of the door competition have approximately two weeks to decorate their doors with a theme of their choice. 

Last year, Mr. Coulter put a piece of foil, from a Hershey’s Kiss, on his door as his version of Christmas spirit. The reason, you might ask? He is the modern day Scrooge. He is not creative and had the simple idea of attaching a mini candy wrapper with an image of a snowman to his door with a piece of tape. 

Other teachers like to go all out for both the contest and the Christmas season. They spend hours after and during school decorating. If you’re like me, you’re asking – why take time to decorate a door? Well, it really brightens up the hallways, adds Christmas cheer to HHS, and includes a reward for all of their hard work! The winners for the 2019 contest were Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Luymes, and Mrs. Boles.  Each winning teacher got to choose a dessert from Butcher Shop!

Wednesday was another fun-filled day of Christmas fun thanks to Mrs. Brock and the Reindeer Games Committee. They prepared four stations of activities (gingerbread houses and karaoke; a scavenger hunt; bingo and pin the cotton ball on the reindeer and antler toss; jingle bells in a bottle, and balloon panty hose).  Students were then treated to milk and cookies in the cafeteria and then watched the faculty and staff compete in a turkey bowl for a Bear Creek Smokehouse Gift Card, which Mr. Cox won!  After lunch, everyone went to the auditorium and watched HHS Theatre’s fall play, I Hate Shakespeare!