Peace and Love, Peace and Love


Ava Scalia, Staff Writer

Gender inequality strains any possible peace that could be achieved in today’s society. Of course the world will never be 100% disagreement free, but much could be solved if men and women could just work together. Scientifically, women need men, and men need women. The extreme feminists, who state we only need men for reproductive purposes, and misogynistic men, who believe women should essentially be their servants, need to understand that without each other, the population of this earth is going to decrease drastically because of all the hate and violence. It’s an endless cycle of no one listening or respecting each other. 

I consider myself a feminist. Am I well-educated in all areas of the feministic world? No, I’m not, but I have always felt strongly about the roles of women in society and want every individual female to feel empowered and safe among her peers. Men’s blunt cruelty and desire smash away all contentment that may lie in women’s minds, causing us to worry about walking to our cars alone or going out after dark.  Because I’m a girl, my thoughts are often dismissed, or my ideas are turned into a joke. 

Imagine you’re hard at work in class, and the teacher has a few boxes that need to be carried. He/she asks for volunteers, and every hand flies to the ceiling. With a superficial scan, the educator evaluates the strength and gender of each student. If the child is female, automatic elimination.

On the other side of the situation, the small and skinny boys are also immediately eliminated, despite their hands pumping the air with excitement at the fact that they might get to skip class. If you’re a girl then you must be too weak to participate.  If you’re a slightly smaller male, then you’re equally disregarded.

This way of alienation is practiced by both genders. Almost all anyone asks for is to be taken seriously, to be listened to respectfully. There are men who want to share their opinions but are too afraid of being judged and found “unmanly.”

With any  diversity, there won’t always be complete agreement, but that doesn’t mean there has to be deflection and rudeness. Don’t dismiss someone’s thoughts and feelings as invalid simply because they don’t fit yours. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and rights. No more, no less. If we truly want to live equally then they must realize that includes coexisting, which would open many doors of opportunity and enable positive changes in our society.