Australia Fires: The Tragedy, the Pain, and the Scammers


Desiree' Hayden, Staff Writer

Entering 2020, the new year is met with a tragedy that had the internet sending prayers and scouring for ways to help the people and animals who are suffering.  Ecosystems are destroyed; houses are nothing more than ash; and 27 lives have been taken–all from the Australia fires. Heat waves came crashing in, and arsonists tortured the land, causing the catastrophic event to take over the continent.

Even with all the internet’s support, there are still people taking advantage of the calamity. Many Instagram pages are scamming people into getting themselves followers, likes, and reposts. As one page stated, “For every one hundred follows and reposts, we will donate one dollar.” Many commenters were supportive of the page for their heartfelt donation, though others were not so impressed. Even big companies such as Lisa Frank are pulling in likes and follows in exchange for donations to the fires. The immorality shows through, and people are fighting back on the issue by exposing, reporting, and spreading awareness of these types of accounts. 

Despite the madness, everyone is coming together to donate to legitimate charities and fundraisers. Here are two trustworthy charities accepting donations:

Each of these sites gives the money directly to Australia to support the victims who were harmed, to replant the burned trees, and to save the animals going extinct due to the fires.