Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL


Kaden Ramsey, Staff Writer

After years of boring SNL skits and unlaughable jokes, an old face comes back and better than ever. Boasting hilarious content that only Eddie Murphy is capable of, Eddie Murphy brought his charisma and pure joy to this new Saturday Night Live episode, which included one of his most famous skits, Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood (a parody of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood) and many more old favorites. 

Eddie Murphy stopped hosting SNL in 1985 to work on his movie and music career, but later distanced himself from SNL even more after David Spade joked about Murphy’s career rut at the time.  Most of SNL’s success came from Eddie Murphy, and the show has receded into a dark age without the charismatic cast member who has since been marked as one of its best of all time.

All of the skits in the new episode are downright hilarious, and Eddie got an outrageous amount of love for his return. Opening Monologue, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood, Holiday Baking Championship, Home for the Holidays, Masked Singer, Weekend Update:  Gumby Returns, Black Jeopardy:  Velvet Jones, and North Pole News Report are the names of his skits in the new episode.  

Bill Cosby’s rep published a racially charged statement on Cosby’s Instagram, comparing Murphy to a “slave” and claiming he was “cooning” on “SNL’s plantation” after Murphy trolled Cosby in his SNL return. Twitter quickly came to Murphy’s defense by taking pages from Murphy’s book and using clips and gifs of him to retaliate.

Murphy and Cosby famously traded insults in the 1980s when Cosby expressed disapproval over Murphy’s dirty jokes, leading to Murphy’s legendary imitation of him that was featured in the blockbuster stand-up comedy movie, “Raw.”

Season 45 Episode 10 had 16.2 million viewers, a profound increase over the previous shows of the season which averaged around 8.5 million.