TikTok’s Influence on Music


Desiree' Hayden, Staff Writer

From cute dogs to cringey dances and Vine-level comedy–TikTok has it all. The popular app has gained traction with many users for its creative sounds and songs, but has a different purpose for musicians. TikTok has done more than just entertain us, bringing new music to almost instant stardom across America. 

TikTok has a history that dates back to 2014 when it was originally called “Musical.ly.” It used to be dedicated to just lip syncing your favorite songs until it was sold to a new company who revamped it, making it the “new Vine.”

We all know what Roxanne wants to do all night–party– and you can’t party without music. Roxanne by Arizona Zervas rose to the charts after its popularity on TikTok. Songs such as Roxanne (which rose to #9 on Billboard’s Top 100) and Dance Monkey (#7 on Billboard), have given many new artists their big break due to the TikTok craze. People even record their own songs just for the app itself such as TikTokin, which has its own dance to go with it, making it especially popular among users.

People also circulate songs by dueting each others’ TikToks. With the help of meme culture,memers always find ways to make hilarious parodies and remixes with these songs. This drives more users to stream, download, or buy albums to support new and upcoming artists. 

The question remains: how exactly do these songs get so famous?  Give thanks to the users for making up dances that become trends all around the globe. “Hittin’ the woah” and other dances have circulated as people come up with their own versions of these dance moves. They develop challenges for songs such as “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and YNW Melly’s “223s” to test each others dance skills. 


This might make you think “Okay boomer,” but TikTok has become so popular that almost all age groups have the app downloaded. Teens, adults, and even elderly make TikToks. The elderly have come to understand youth humor and poke fun at “being older” for a good laugh. TikTok is the best way to market for that reason–the diversity. 

Since its debut, TikTok has been downloaded by 2.9 million people through the Apple app store alone and continues to grow along with the wide range of music to dance to and memes to make.

Clean TikTok compilation:  https://youtu.be/Ash0UHW_OL8