2020 HHS Homecoming


Ava Scalia, Staff Writer

Homecoming, the night of concession stand pickles and fall romance. While social distancing and bedazzled masks are the new norm, homecoming is an age-old tradition. The anticipation of whether or not your long-time crush will ask you to be their date weighs on many a young adolescent’s heart. The boys’ main focus is scoring touchdowns and winning the game, while the frenzied teenage girls worry about their makeup and why the boys aren’t paying attention to them. Oh, what a lovely time to be alive. 

Harleton High School’s beautiful homecoming court (listed below) were equally surprised when they heard their names called in the morning announcements. 

  • 9th-Morgan Navarrette
  • 10th-Paige Mathison
  • 11th-Marla Ready
  • 12th-Anna Mae Coleman, Lexi Domingez, Monica Fajaro, Macie Goode, Ashanti Johnston, Eva Scott


This year, the escort situation will be tricky due to Covid-19.  Escorts will be masked and stand next to the unmasked girls and their dads.  A majority of the girls will be escorted by their close friends.

  • Morgan’s:  Blaine Cornelius
  • Paige’s:  Tayton Binfet
  • Marla’s:  Preston Dorbritz
  • Anna Mae’s:  Beau Simmons
  • Lexi’s:  Spencer Hammack
  • Monica’s:  Mattheson Wright  
  • Macie’s:  Justin Davidson
  • Ashanti’s:  Jestin Hollingsworth
  • Eva’s:  Luis Williams

In preparation for the big day, the girls won’t find a moment to rest. The quirky junior, Marla Ready’s, schedule is packed full of homecoming day activities. She has to get her nails, hair, and makeup done to “make sure that [she doesn’t] look like a hairy monster.”