What’s Up with the Boys Wearing Short Shorts?

What's Up with the Boys Wearing Short Shorts?

Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

Dating all the way back to the 1920s, boys and girls have worn shorts of varying lengths.  As the years have passed, shorts have gotten shorter for girls and longer for boys.  Until recently.  Teenage boys have decided to shatter this stereotype and have begun to wear shorts ranging from 5 to 3 inches below the crotch.  Is this disturbing or merely fashionable? 

On a daily basis at HHS, you will find boys walking around with their white tan lines exposed to the outside world.  As much as teachers despise this new style, the boys are not phased!  Freshman Kenny Suggs is one individual who has contributed to this movement.  A Wildcat since Kindergarten, Suggs said his personal style has evolved from nerdy to athletic over the years.  Kenny’s father, Michael Suggs, was also a trendsetter for the short-shorts movement.  

Coaches and teachers all have mixed feelings for this new trend.  Some teachers prefer boys to keep their legs covered, while others couldn’t give two flips about it.  Coach Fay stated, “The NBA had basketball shorts that were short all the way up until the 1990’s.  Gym shorts were always short then, too.”  Mr. Coulter’s response, however, was not as diplomatic.   “These boys look like a creepy version of Pinnochio; they should stop it immediately and get some help.”  

Freshman Blaine Cornelius, who happens to be the alleged founder of the short shorts movement, said he wears them because if the “skies out, thighs out.”   Although he’s gotten dress coded 4 times, Blaine still proudly boasts about his pair with 3″ seams and says both his parents and his girlfriend approve of his fashion choice.

Other students who don’t follow this trend have decided that “boys will be boys” and carry on with their lives.  Curly-headed Junior, Gabe Campbell stated that he “hasn’t really cared that much at all about styles- except for himself of course.”  Junior Blake Weaver and Freshman Kenny Suggs both said their girlfriends actually “love” the short shorts. 


Another offender, Sophomore Braden Hopkins, owns a pair of shorts as short as 5 inches above the knee but chooses not to wear them to school.  He said short shorts “are comfy, and I don’t like them below the kneecaps.”  Hopkins has only gotten in trouble once for wearing shorts a little too short for dress code.  Other students such as Freshman Tanner Tate wear the shorts simply for the trending style, while Blake Weaver likes to wear this style to show off “his sexy legs.” 

Despite some parents not caring for each boy’s attire, some students seem to disagree with this movement and have an interesting way of putting it. “You’re gay,” “pretty boy,” and “ugly” are all common comments these boys receive when participating in this risky fashion trend.  Some boys don’t even have to leave their house to receive ridicule.  Freshman Jayden Johnson said he gets plenty of these comments from his own mother!

Opinions vary amongst the student body of HHS, but that doesn’t affect this trend!  New styles come and go, and this one doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.  Kudos to all the boys who stick to their guns and dress how they want!

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