Drafting Jojo Clark


Lexi Allums, Staff Writer

Jojo Clark, HHS varsity tight end and kicker, is being recruited by various college football programs.  Colleges are able to scout players such as Jojo by watching their highlights through Hudl, which eventually gets sent to the schools. Clark also posts his highlights on his Twitter feed.  Coaches from college teams are then able to find and talk to him through direct messages.  Many colleges have made official scholarship offers including ETBU, Southwestern, Louisiana College, Ripon, Whittier, Rose Hulman, Hendrix, SAGU, and Beloit. 

When asked how he has changed over his years of playing high school football, Jojo said that he has gotten a whole lot bigger and faster by training harder.  Something that has motivated him to continue his football career is his dream of becoming a part of that small percentage that gets to play college football.  While many schools have already made him offers, there are even more schools still contacting him and planning to come watch him play. 

COVID has affected the scouting process by delaying most of his college visits; however, he has been able to visit Hendrix University, walk on campus, see the dorms, eat in the cafeteria, and then even walk on the football field and try on uniforms with his number on them. 

As of right now, Hendrix is at the top of Clark’s list because he was able to actually visit the campus.  However, there is no telling where Jojo will end up going once he is able to visit all of the campuses that have made offers.  Something that he is looking forward to most in these next few years while playing college football is to be able to grow as an individual.  He wants to become the best person he can possibly be and to learn important life lessons through playing football. 

As for this year, Jojo is excited to get the opportunity to play with his brothers one last time.  Having grown up with his teammates, he says they are his pride and joy, and it will be a bittersweet experience leaving the Wildcat nation.