Top 3 Most Underrated Tragic Moments in Grey’s Anatomy

Top 3 Most Underrated Tragic Moments in Grey's Anatomy

Lara Lyons, Staff Writer

“What’s broken can be mended, what’s hurt can be healed, no matter how dark it gets, the sun is gonna rise again.”  This quote by Grey’s Anatomy title character, Meredith Grey, perfectly sums up the tragedy-filled show.  These are the top three most underrated tragic scenes because who doesn’t love a tear-jerker?

Coming in at third is Season 2, Episode 17 when Meredith has her hand in a patient’s body cavity holding a bomb and waiting for the bomb squad to get to the OR room.  The episode was very hard to watch because Grey’s fans didn’t know if she or another major character was going to die.  

Following this unfortunate scene is Mark Sloan’s flashback video where they showed clips of him and Lexi Grey.  This episode was included to warm the hearts of Slexie fans after losing both of their favorite characters in a very tragic way.  

The most underrated Grey’s Anatomy tragedy is when April and Jackson lose their baby, Samuel Nobert Avery, in Season 11, Episode 11.  This scene broke the hearts of millions of Grey’s fans witnessing this tragedy unfold. The heart wrenching pain of watching the hope fade from these broken, almost parents. 

While there are several episodes full of despair, these agonizing scenes seem to be the most forgotten and overlooked.  Maybe not always in our minds, but they will be forever in our hearts.  These scenes will never stop making us cry, but they also warm our hearts and help us appreciate those we love.