Harrison County Sheriff Candidates and Winner


Kara Jones, Staff Writer

BJ Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher  was born and raised in Marshall, TX. At age 39, he has worked in the Sheriff’s office for 19 years and is running for Sheriff of Harrison County because he wants to protect his home, family, and community. He believes he has the upper hand on his opponent because of the amount of experience he has. During his career, Mr. Fletcher has worked in the jail and the Criminal Investigation Division.  Other job titles and certifications he holds are:

  • patrol supervisor
  • Chief Deputy
  • TCOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement)
  • Advanced Firearms instructor
  • Emergency Response Team Commander
  • Advanced Interview and Interrogation Techniques
  • Advanced Practical Homicide Investigation 

George Gill

Mr. Gill also grew up in Marshall, TX but graduated from Hallsville High School. At 55 years old, he is running for sheriff so he can make a change in our county.  Mr. Gill has 23 years of experience as a Marshall police officer. He doesn’t think about having the upper hand on his opponent because he’s more worried about what is going on with Harrison County’s citizens. Mr. Gill plans to implement changes to help keep our officers and residents safe. Body cameras will be used at all times whether it’s a speeding stop or shoot out. 

Mr. BJ Fletcher was elected Harrison County Sheriff.  After the results were in, he said, “I thank everybody who voted and to the ones that supported me, I thank them greatly. But to everybody, whether they did or didn’t, I’m here to serve them and I will help and do whatever is needed to assist them.”