Superstar Teachers-1st 6 Weeks


Reese Knox, Staff Writer

At the end of every six weeks, both HHS students and faculty vote for their favorite/best teacher, and, wah lah!  A superstar is born!

Our superstar teachers for the 1st 6 Weeks were Mrs. Harkins, who received the most votes from the teachers, and Ms. Clynch, who received the most student votes.  Neither teacher expected to win and were both surprised and excited. 

Mrs. Harkins said, “I’m not quite sure what exactly led to my co-workers voting for me, but I hope it was because they consider me helpful.”  

Ms. Clynch said she wasn’t sure what made the students vote for her either, but she tries to make class interesting while still covering the TEKS they need.

Unsurprisingly, both teachers enjoy their jobs. Mrs. Harkins’ favorite part is watching her students put into practice what they learned in her class.  Ms. Clynch’s favorite part is students sharing ideas and responding to various things they read and write about in class.  

Both teachers received gift cards from Texas Roadhouse for winning; it’s always a great day … to be a SUPERSTAR teacher at HHS!