Top HHS BROmances


Lara Lyons, Staff Writer

While there are many friendships at HHS, there are only a few that we can call BROmances.

First we have Sammy Duncan and Hunter Shirts who are called a bromance because they always talk to each other.  They say their relationship is abusive and very argumentative but still friendship.  Friends since the seventh grade, they argue a lot about football and “Among Us.”  Together, they play “Among Us,” video games, and football.  Hunter said if he wasn’t in a bromance with Sammy, he’d go for Jestin Hollingsworth. 

Next up, freshmen Brendan Scott and Rheid Terry are considered a bromance because they hang out a lot and act a little “sus” sometimes.  They’ve been friends since fourth grade and tend to argue sometimes about football teams and sports in general.  Brendan’s ideal bromance is Coach Parrish and Coach Little. 

Nicholas Paschall and Travis Cheatham believe they’re labelled a bromance because they hang out way too much after becoming friends about two years ago.  They argue about other guys, enjoy going on double dates with Jase Perrine and Braden Hopkins, and admit that girls sometimes get jealous of their bromance.  Nick and Travis’ ideal bromance is Jase and Braden. 

Taber Childs and Carson Brown are together 24/7 and have had a brother-like friendship since freshman year of high school.  Carson says they argue about everything all the time and enjoy sneaking out for fun.

Jase Perrine and Braden Hopkins say they’re labelled a bromance because they’re “literally” the same person with different hair and are “sus” 24/7.  The perfect couple, they became friends “when God made the earth” (aka fourth grade) and claim never to argue. 

Lastly, Jestin Hollingsworth allegedly has a bromance with everyone, namely because he really just gets along with everyone.  Although many claim to be in a bromance with him, Jestin could not be pinned down to just one bro, but his ideal would be either Spencer Hammack or Luis Williams.

HHS students voted Tuesday, November 17th, at lunch, and Jestin Hollingsworth and everyone was the overwhelming majority of 44 votes!  2nd place was Jase and Braden with 25.  3rd was Taber and Carson with 22.  Nick and Travis were a close 4th place with 21, and Sammy and Hunter rounded out the top 6 with 16 votes.