Local Band Interviews: Down Home and Clint & The Cosmic Wake


Cameron Cortinas, Staff Writer

So I decided to take some time out of my day to interview some of the local bands around Harleton and Longview; here’s how it went.

Down Home Q&A

Q: When did you guys start the band, and what made you want to start?

A: “The love of music,” their guitarist said. “Sometimes when you’re singing a song it touches someone’s heart, and they fall in love with the music.  That’s why we do it.” 

Q:When and where was the band’s first gig?

 A: “Our first gig was at the Texas Players Club in Longview, TX [in] November of 2014.”

Q: How has COVID affected your gigs and shows?

A: “The first 2 months of it we lost about 18 shows, but, other than that, we have played 2 to 3 shows every weekend.” 


Clint Echols of Clint & The Cosmic Wake Q&A

Q:  What made you want to start a band?

A:  Clint wanted to be able to play music he chose for other people.

Q:  When and where did you have your first gig?

A:  First was on the back porch at a friend’s birthday party at 16

Q:  How did you meet everyone in the band?

A:  Clint plays lead guitar/vocals; his wife, whom he’s known since high school, is a backup singer; his son, Austin, is rhythm guitar/vocals; Gregg McDonald, a co-worker of Clint’s, is on the drums, and Dan Giddens, whom he met through other musicians, is on the bass guitar.