A Day in the Life of Jestin Hollingsworth


Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer

It’s time to introduce the man of the hour!  This week for “A Day in the Life of,” The Green and Gold is spotlighting senior football player Jestin Hollingsworth!  Jestin is an intriguing human being who strives to make every single person at the school laugh. From playing tennis to participating in two CNA classes, this popular teenager has a full schedule from dusk till dawn.  Let’s take a dive into an average day in the life of Jestin Lane Hollingsworth! 

7 A.M. Sleep-deprived Jestin rises from the dead, and begins to stir from his slumber.  Extenuating circumstances not counted, Jestin typically sleeps like a rock.

Roughly 7:15 A.M.  IF Jestin is able to rise from his sleep soon enough, he enjoys making breakfast for himself. Hollingsworth enjoys a good plate of meat to replenish his growing muscles.  After eating, Jestin blares music while he brushes his teeth with Colgate toothpaste and fixes his hair. 

7:47 A.M.  Hollingsworth arrives at school.  Fun fact:  If Jestin is COMPLETELY desperate to relieve himself, he will head to the bathroom during school, but prefers to hold it until he gets home. 

8 A.M. Heads to first class:  Government with Coach Fay. 

8:50 A.M.  With his head dragging, Jestin heads to Pre-Cal. This class is Jestin’s least favorite class because it’s too early for math. 

9:36 A.M.  BREAK TIME! This is a time where Jestin enjoys playing “Among Us” and talking to friends. 

10:10 A.M.  Jestin heads to Life 101, where he prepares himself to be an adult by learning financing and home economics. 

11 A.M. Business English with Ms. Johnston

11:50 A.M.  5th period begins Athletics for Jestin where he enjoys bettering and strengthening his body by completing the workouts each week. This boy actively participates in football, tennis, and baseball. 

12:36 P.M.  LUNCH TIME!!!!!! When lunch arrives, Jestin is all about eating. As stated earlier, Hollingsworth enjoys eating meat. Depending on the appealing look of the food in the lunch line, Jestin will eat a school lunch or bring his own to munch on. Jestin also enjoys eating with fellow senior classmates including JoJo Clark, Drew Stafford, and Benjamin Wright. 

1:14 P.M.  After lunch begins the two-period class called CNA. This is one of Hollingsworth’s favorite classes because it better prepares him for his future career of a nurse practitioner. Many hands-on activities take place in this class, and Jestin is excited to see what the rest of the year holds! 

2:54 P.M.  8th period includes an immense amount of calculations and counting … in rocketry! Jestin has participated in two rocketry classes. Jestin plans to attend the yearly visit to NASA. As a Rocketry 2 class, the goal of their rocket this year is to break the sound barrier. 

3:40 P.M.  3:40 may mark the end of the school day for some students, but for Jestin it’s the beginning of basketball practice! 

Roughly 6 P.M.  Practice ends for Jestin, and he is able to head home. On some days, Jestin enjoys going out to eat with fellow friends after practice. If he isn’t occupied with homework, Jestin will prepare supper (more than likely something including meat). 

7:30-45 P.M.  After he finishes supper, Jestin has some down time to himself where he plays on his phone, watches TV, cares for his siblings, showers, and just takes time to relax.  One of his hobbies is building things.

11:30 P.M.  11:30 is the average time that Jestin will go to bed. Although he does not sleep with a blankie or childhood toy, Jestin enjoys sleeping like a baby. 

As you can see, our future Harleton Alumni has quite the schedule! From dusk till dawn, Jestin strives to make the most out of his days being a Harleton Wildcat! The high school students and staff are greatly appreciative of Jestin for making everyone’s gloomy day just a little brighter. Senior Jestin Hollingsworth, you will be greatly missed after you graduate!